Our Approach

The exceptional team of Enoch Kever specialists advises and advocates law and policy to help local, regional, national, and international businesses achieve their goals.

Who We Are and What We Do

We are advocates for our clients at the intersection of business and government:

  • Advocating FOR regulations that foster opportunity and AGAINST regulations that stifle business;
  • Formulating and articulating legal and public policy rationales for legislative and regulatory action;
  • Defending against government investigations or enforcement;
  • Advocating before trial and appellate tribunals.

We are advocates for our clients in all aspects of their business:

  • Formation of business structures, governance, and strategy;
  • Negotiating, drafting, and seeking regulatory approval of commercial transactions;
  • Leading employment training, counseling, and investigations;
  • Assisting in challenges faced within and external to the business.

We advise entrepreneurs and business leaders on:

  • Mergers, acquisitions, and complex commercial transactions;
  • The most advantageous structure or practices for their business;
  • Selecting and structuring financing options for their business.