Elana Einhorn’s Work Published in Two Journals

EK Member, Elana Einhorn, has written two new articles.

The July 2023 issue of the Texas Bar Journal will feature Top 10 Appellate Mistakes at the Trial Court based on a presentation by Melissa Lorber (Enoch Kever PLLC), Amanda Taylor (Butler Snow LLP), and Maitreya Tomlinson (The Tomlinson Firm LLP),

This article outlines ten common mistakes in the trial court that cause problems on appeal and offers practical solutions.

The Spring 2023 issue of The Advocate includes Keep Calm and Supersede: The Basics of Superseding a Final Judgment in Texas State Courts.

This article, part of a symposium on appellate law for trial lawyers, presents an overview of the Texas state court supersedeas rules from the perspective of the judgment debtor.