Enoch Kever Obtains Victory Upholding $1.3 Million Award in Breach of Professional Fee Agreement Lawsuit

Shelby O’Brien

Sara Churchin

The Enoch Kever legal team obtained a complete victory for a law firm regarding that firm’s clients’ refusal to pay fees they had agreed to pay, even though the firm achieved the relief the clients sought.  The Texas Fifth District Court of Appeals in Dallas decided the case in favor of Enoch Kever’s client on all issues, affirming the trial court’s judgment that awarded the law firm Glast, Phillips & Murray, P.C. (“GPM,” Enoch Kever’s client in this appeal) its full costs incurred in representing the clients in the initial matter in which they engaged GPM ($70,000) and additionally all the costs it incurred in suing the client for breach of the fee agreement and defending against the clients’ numerous counter-claims ($1.3 million). The disgruntled GPM clients raised many issues at trial and on appeal, all of which the Fifth Court decided in favor of Enoch Kever’s client.

The case is Namdarkhan v. Glast, Phillips & Murray, P.C., No. 05-18-00802-CV (Apr. 24, 2020).  Enoch Kever appellate specialists Craig Enoch, Shelby O’Brien, and Sara Churchin handled the case for GPM.