Katherine K. Mudge Speaks on fiber and wireless infrastructure deployment at the 2019 INCOMPAS Show in Louisville, Kentucky

Katherine K. Mudge Speaks on Fiber and Wireless Infrastructure Deployment at the 2019 INCOMPAS Show in Louisville, Kentucky

Photo: Douglas F Brent

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY – November 4, 2019—Deployment of fiber and wireless network facilities is a top priority for broadband, data and voice service carriers and providers, but their network construction efforts are too often challenged by more than just weather, terrain and logistics.  Carriers and transmission companies must also overcome, in a timely manner, the legal and regulatory barriers that impede their ability to access and install crucial fiber network facilities in public rights-of-way.

At the 2019 INCOMPAS Show, Katherine Mudge, Member of Enoch Kever PLLC, discussed these challenges, the ways that the FCC and some states have attempted to address them and the degree to which they have succeeded or failed.  Katherine’s presentation also delved into issues that need further federal and state regulatory attention and the merits of various approaches and solutions.