Our New Home

As Texas continues to reopen, we are happy to announce that we’re opening our new office. We’ve moved a few miles north on the Capital of Texas Highway, to a suite of offices that we custom-designed to match the spirit of our firm.

That means we designed this new space to be efficient, cost-effective, people-centric, and accommodating to everyone with whom we work.  Our whole team—including our receptionist, our professional administrative assistants, our office manager, and our paralegals and lawyers—actively offered their input as we created a space to reflect who we are, what we value, and how we work.  We’re really pleased with the outcome.

We emphasized collaborative, light-filled spaces where we can interact with our clients and with each other.  In keeping with our current world situation, we have also designed two dedicated teleconferencing rooms, so that we can participate safely and professionally in remote oral arguments, hearings, meetings, negotiations, and anything our clients need to be done remotely.

All of us hope that someday soon we’ll be able to freely meet with you, our clients and our legal colleagues, in this great office.  We’re immensely grateful to you for your trust in us, which is what makes our firm thrive.  We hope you’re all safe, and we look forward to showing you around our new space.