The Texas Tribune recently dubbed ENOCH KEVER “a well-connected law firm.” (Emma Platoff – Dec. 19, 2019).

In describing a significant international transaction, that resulted in litigation between a foreign owned business and Texas investor John Paul DeJoria, Texas Tribune reporter, Emma Platoff, called out the efforts of Enoch Kever founder, Justice Craig Enoch (Ret.), and his “well-connected” law firm. While not quite accurately reporting about the transaction― on statements by the opposition that the oil and gas venture failed, the venture indeed discovered historically significant oil reserves in north Africa.  The article did correctly attribute Justice Enoch’s efforts, with Enoch Kever teammates Melissa Lorber and Gary Zausmer, and attorneys with Baker Botts in the courts, and his efforts along with Focused Advocacy in the Texas Legislature, to turning around a court decision that essentially held an individual’s due process rights were not protected under Texas law.

The Texas Tribune report ended with John Paul DeJoria’s statement: “The rule of law is what won this case for me.” “Justice was done.”